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GUIDE -Fleet Saving

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1GUIDE -Fleet Saving Empty GUIDE -Fleet Saving on Thu May 07, 2015 10:20 am


Basic guide to fleet- and resource saving.

To understand why I recommend saving like I do, first one will need to know about some basic functions in Ogame. It all evolves around the way other people can find your fleet.

There are two ways to find other players fleets:

*Espionage Probes:

 *Small probes you send out like ordinary ships
 *Low cost
 *Early Access
 *You will get told if people spy on you
 *Can spy on moons and planets
 *Infinite range
 *Will only find ships which are actually at the target when you spy

 *A scan you make on other peoples planets
 *Can only be build on moons
 *Limited range
 *You will NOT be told when you have been scanned
 *Will tell about fleets flying to and from the planet (most important WHEN they will arive).

Now, what can one use this information to?
One can use it to fleet save effectively. The thing one should take notice of, is how the fleet can remain undetected, to avoid people crashing the fleet.
Phalanx can’t scan moons and debris fields, so we should use these to save from and to if possible!

Of course, this will not be possible if one don’t have a moon, but one should always save to a debris field. –if there isn’t one around, make one by attacking a random player with a single probe.


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